Whistleblowing Claims and How to Defend Them

November 22, 2018

Whistleblowing Claims and How to Defend Them

Hosted by Employment Law Partner, Angus Menzies

Whistleblowing is regularly in the news and it increasingly forms part, if not the main basis, of claims in the Employment Tribunal.

The fact that there is no two-year service requirement for bringing claims, and the absence of a statutory cap on compensation in whistleblowing claims, means that individuals are increasingly likely to assert whistleblower status when they believe they have been mistreated at work or dismissed unfairly, but bringing claims based on whistleblowing is not straightforward.

The legislation designed to protect whistleblowers is complicated and allows Employers to challenge many aspects of a whistleblowing claim, so that only those claims with genuine merit should succeed.

In this webinar, Angus breaks down the types of whistleblowing claims that can be brought and consider what employers can do about them.

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