The gunnercup draw is now closed!

May 17, 2018

The gunnercup draw is now closed!

The FIFA World Cup kicks off in Russia on 14th June 2018 and all places in our sweepstakes draw have now been filled!

Due to the number of people who entered the draw, we will be assigning three people per team so that everybody who signed up can get a shot at the glory.

Rules of the game – listen up!

The prize for first place will be a £150 Amazon gift card (per person) courtesy of gunnercooke.

There are also prizes for second (£100 gift card per person) and third placed (£50 gift card per person) teams, as well as a special booby prize for the first team eliminated from the competition. Each entrant will be assigned a team at random in normal sweepstake fashion. Even if you draw a team like Panama or Saudi Arabia, or England for that matter, there’s still a chance to win if you pick the team eliminated first.

We’ll be keeping everybody in the loop with regular updates as all the action unfolds. Stay tuned!