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Great Comeback

As we look towards a future where we can meet with friends, drink in bars, exercise in groups and travel the globe – the coming years will be the Great Comeback of our time. In this new podcast series we explore what this comeback might look like for UK businesses, including advice from both a legal and a business perspective. Hosted by our experienced partners and industry experts alongside some of our clients, episodes will identify the steps businesses can take to aid a quicker recovery from the effects of the pandemic.

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May 06

Top Tips for Securing Litigation Funding

In the first episode of the Great Comeback Podcast, Dispute Resolution Partner Philip Rubens is joined by Tets Ishikawa, Managing Director of LionFish Litigation Funding. Following the pandemic, businesses will find themselves with reduced cash flow and may look to other parties to fund their litigation costs. Philip and Tets sit down to discuss the […]

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