5 Ways to Manage Conflict Effectively at a Senior Leadership Level

September 27, 2018

Hosted by Employment Law Partner & Workplace Mediator, Rebecca Ireland

Negative conflict can be highly destructive in any team, but when in a senior leadership team it can have a material impact on profitability and other key performance indicators.

Of course, conflict can be positive for a business particularly at senior leadership level. A good challenging debate can generate new ideas, test the status quo and create the best business strategy. However, what happens when this conflict becomes negative?

In this webinar, Rebecca covers the following aspects:

– What is “conflict” in a business context and what tends to cause it;
– Why it is important for the senior leadership team to address negative conflict, and “nip it in the bud”;
– How to deal effectively with such conflict, both during a meeting and longer term strategies;
– How mediation can unearth the root cause of interpersonal issues which are causing problems, both at a one to one and team level; and
– What you can do immediately to help improve the senior leadership team’s performance.


If you have any further questions on this topic or other employment law / workplace mediation matters, please contact Rebecca Ireland who will provide more guidance where necessary.

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