Islamic Family Law – What you need to know

March 31, 2021
Siddique Patel


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In this webinar gunnercooke Partner Siddique Patel discusses Islamic family law, how it works in practice, an overview of the terminology and the key issues you should be aware of. 

You can catch up on the full discussion in the below video, where Siddique answers questions including:

  • What are the sources of Islamic family law and the main schools of thought? 
  • How do these apply to modern day cases in the UK?
  • What are the key methods of separation for an Islamic married couple?
  • What type of Talaq (divorce) is used in which situation?
  • What is the importance of written documentation and recording of gifts? 
  • When should a pre-nuptial agreement be used? 
  • What key issues should lawyers be aware of? 
  • Is civil financial provision against Shariah law?
  • How are Shariah Councils used?
  • Does a civil divorce in the UK constitute a Talaq?