Five reasons why our lawyers at gunnercooke are happy

March 20, 2018

At gunnercooke, we are making law work better. We exist to deliver a better service to businesses, a better life for our lawyers, and a better world than we found – and what better way to celebrate International Day of Happiness than to share five key reasons why our lawyers at gunnercooke are happier than they have ever been.

They’ve found a work-life balance

Establishing an effective work-life balance is the key to happiness for many professionals, and it’s something our lawyers have been able to do. They have more time to dedicate to their families, friends and personal duties during work hours, such as picking up their children from school or popping out at lunch for a yoga class in the local gym. Not only are they happier professionally, they’ve each discovered a whole new lease of life.

They take pride in their profession

All of our lawyers have the freedom to pursue a career they are proud of. Not only can they now offer their clients fixed-fees based on value and not time, but they are able to remember why they first discovered a love of the law. They experience a sense of achievement and happiness from their work and take pride in working as part of a business where it’s people and clients are the only things that matter.

They can remain client focused

Each and every lawyer at gunnercooke offer their clients a personal service. They have the ability to integrate their legal work with other interests. This allows time for our partners to understand the clients businesses and needs,  to deliver a high value service.

They no longer have to experience ‘office politics’

Our lawyers no longer have to navigate the complex politics of the office environment. They don’t dread the Monday blues, nor do they have to experience personality clashes. The Gunnercooke structuring removes office hierarchies and prevents lawyers becoming a slave to the ‘broken legal model’. They’ve been able to leave this all behind and to find new enjoyment in their careers and what they do.

They can manage their own time

The gunnercooke model is centred around freedom and flexibility for our lawyers. They have freedom to work when they choose, therefore allowing the flexibility to work wherever suits them best. This removes the constraints of being tied down in ‘strategy meetings’, lengthy commutes to the office or time-recording. We allow them to choose how best to utilise their time to focus on the only thing that matters, their clients.