Event – Harnessing the power of data: inside and outside the Boardroom

April 22, 2021


COVID-19 has set off the largest wave of digital and analytics transformation in history! The pandemic has accelerated digitization, e-commerce adoption, and a shift to remote working by 5-10 years.

Businesses have post lockdown, moved to the use of remote collaboration tools (such as videoconferencing) and set up online customer interactions, made investment in cyber-security, and made a shift to cloud-based applications. But this is just the beginning.

Elements of strategy that were tied to digitization or consumer experience before the pandemic have accelerated. If these strategies were not previously on the agenda, they should be now! 

The strategic use of data and the proactive creation of data ecosystems can provide value to businesses in 3 areas: 

  1. Growth 
  2. Productivity 
  3. Risk reduction

How businesses BOTH develop and use data, is now more than ever, a key thread to how businesses stay ahead of the game rather than treading water.

This interactive 60 minute webinar focuses on data at 2 levels: 

  1. How to think about data in the boardroom and develop a data strategy. 
  2. How to effectively use key tools and data outside of the Boardroom.

With lots of practical examples and tips, it’s a webinar that can’t be missed if you are truly serious about data in your business.