Event – Beyond Brexit: An Immigration Perspective

April 15, 2021

10am – 11am | Tuesday 11th May | Zoom


Immigration remains a hot topic in policy making and since the start of 2021, the changes due to Brexit have become evident. But they don’t need to be impossible to face. 

The United Kingdom is no longer part of the European Union therefore the Union’s relationship has changed. In immigration terms, citizens of the UK no longer have freedom of movement into the Union’s terrorities. 

This is the same for Europeans visiting the UK. What does this mean for you and your business? 

In short, your business now needs to comply with immigration rules not only for foreign nationals outside of Europe but also for European nationals. As you can see, the work environment is impacted and human resource management needs to manage its workforce to ensure all workers are allowed to live and work in the UK. Not doing so can result in penalties of £10,000 for each breach in the rules and being criminally prosecuted. 

Join us where Vitoria Nabas speaks about the changes to our immigration rules and how your business can adopt changes to effectively manage their staff.