The Changing Employment Landscape: disruptive technology and the gig economy

March 2, 2018

Below is a copy of the latest virtual series publication published by IR Global featuring Dispute Resolution and Employment Law Partner, Shilpen Savani.

In this issue, employment law experts discuss some of the specific challenges and opportunities presented by the gig economy, and look at how this is shaping employment law litigation. They assess what this means for the traditional employment contract and how legislation might need to adapt to keep the pace. They also ask what employee organisations and trade unions are doing to combat the erosion of workers’ rights.

Discussing the following topics:

  • Specific challenges / opportunities companies are facing as a result of the gig economy and zero hour contracts
  • What litigation trends are clients experiencing as a result of changing employment relationships
  • How disruptive technology firms are affecting employment contracts
  • Does the gig economy warrant more progressive employment legislation?
  • Trade union / worker bodies and employee organisations reaction to the gig economy.


Click here to read the full publication

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