Antonello joins the Advisory Board of HOPEnDialogue #mentalhealthweek

May 22, 2020
Antonello Leogrande


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HOPEnDialogue is an international research project of the Institute of Sciences and Technologies of Cognition at the National Research Council (the Italian Consiglio Nazionale della Ricerca-CNR), for which Antonello will play an advisory role exclusively on pro-bono basis.

Antonello and his family’s commitment to mental health is more or less known to some of us. It is difficult not to seem rhetorical in saying that the acceptance of change and daily commitment as a caregiver, with a constant focus on the need to plan for a future in self-sufficiency, are the two fundamental guidelines that govern his feeling and acting, both as a father than as a professional.

Thanks to his desire for knowledge and deepening of these issues, with the sole purpose of achieving a full recovery and not the mere management of disability, has developed in him a holistic and unconventional approach ability

For years Antonello has been conducting a path of constant research and experience in the mental health sector, where he met lot of experts, academics, scientists, researchers and practitioners not only in the field of psychology and psychiatry, but also of physiotherapy, nutrition, functional medicine, homeopathy, homotoxicology, art therapy, up to Chinese acupuncture and Indian Ayurvedic.

This journey also allowed him to deepen his legal knowledge on rehabilitation tools and organizational systems, relations between private and public bodies, new therapeutic protocols, protection of disability.

Open Dialogue represents one of the most innovative and effective methodologies for the treatment of the most serious mental pathologies, based on the intervention of an interdisciplinary team in the patient’s family and residential context and with the involvement of its closest network of relationships. Developed and successfully tested in Finland by Prof. Jaakko Seikkula (with a success rate equal to 80%), this method is gradually affecting many operators all over the world, engaged in its implementation in the public welfare service and, what does matter most from a scientific point of view, in carrying out trials that can attest to its scientific reliability with statistical tools.

The HOPEnDialogue project, funded by the American Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care, aims to support this innovation process, giving new light to the difficult world of mental health.

The HOPEnDialogue Advisory Board, composed by internationally renowned scientists and stakeholders, contributes to the development of the project and promotes its sustainability. Principal investigator and coordinator is  Raffaella Pocobello, a researcher of the Italian National Research Council dedicated for years to evaluative studies in the field of mental health in Italy and abroad.

As for all the other panel members, Antonello will also play an advisory role exclusively on a pro-bono basis, with the aim of giving support in planning and organization, as well as in financial and networking scouting for any possible implementation of the model.