A sense of mission which is positively infectious – Darryl Cooke’s book on Innovation

October 2, 2019
Darryl Cooke

Executive Chairman

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‘Solo’, the Sole Practitioner solicitors’ group publication, has written a sterling review of Darryl Cooke’s new book.

Co-founder of gunnercooke, Darryl is also a writer and his latest book ‘To Innovate or not to Innovate: A blueprint for the law firm of the future‘ has recently been published.

The reviewer explains that the book tells us ‘how change – real change – can be achieved. It challenges…. the status quo attitude all too often insisted upon by the ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ brigade observed in large organisations.

‘In imparting page after page of sage, sensible advice, the author exudes a degree of enthusiasm and sense of mission which is positively infectious.

‘Compact, businesslike, and an easy yet challenging read, this handy volume deserves a place in the library of every law firm going for growth.’

To read the review, see page 26 of Solo Magazine.