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September 4, 2020
Vitoria Nabas


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I would have never imagined so much happening in the space of twelve months. Last July myself and my international team moved to join gunnercooke. This was a huge change for us all; we joined an inclusive network of senior partners who had access to an amazing support team, comprising professionals across finance, marketing, administration and IT , in addition to the use of great technology and a vast internal network. Each of these areas have been instrumental in winning work, retaining existing clients and developing my practice further. 

We came to gunnercooke to grow our business and to work within an efficient model. Working previously as a sole practitioner allowed me to grow as a professional businesswoman, though it also highlighted the challenges and limitations for a small law firm. gunnercooke presented an opportunity and every day we work hard to continue to bring new opportunities to our door. Our “door” comprises both my direct team and the whole gunnercooke practice of legal professionals, of which there are many. 

It is this network of highly adaptive and focused practitioners that further motivates my mission to be an incredible lawyer, delivering interesting work and long-term client relationships. Together we have been able to manage client needs and create relationships that will benefit both ourselves and gunnercooke for many years to come. 

A few months ago, the COVID-19 pandemic brought a harsh reality to our business. But with the support from the complete gunnercooke family we are returning to business and have migrated to a fully remote operation that will bring the business new opportunities and a new future. The future is uncertain, but it’s always been that way and I have always faced it head on. Bring on the next twelve months.

If you would like more information on how you can join the gunnercooke team, click HERE.